Lake Huron Cottage Rentals


Common Terms


  • Cottage: A place to leave the hustle & bustle of the city - usually within walking distance of a body of water - small & scantily clad compared to our lavish homes.  You can safely assume all cottages along Lake Huron have neighbours.  If the cottage is especially private it will say so in the cottage profile.
  • Lakefront Property: The edge of the lot on which the cottage is situated, meets the beach at the water's edge - usually with a view.
  • Lake View Property: This property has a partial view of the Lake, but does not touch the water's edge.  Also considered a "Second Row" cottage with a view. 
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  • Second Row Cottage: This property is not overlooking the water but is the cottage across the road from the cottage that meets the body of water.  Second Row has no view of the Lake or body of water.
  • Bluff or Cliff:  This property is located some distance above the lake.
  • Sleep Cabin, Bunkie, or Granny Flat: A second structure on the cottage property with sleeping accommodation.  Very scant in size and decoration.

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